Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Bogdan's birth

(Nice alliteration, eh?)

This is probably really tacky, but here's a print-it-yourself birth announcement. I won't be sending them out by mail, so if you want one, click on it to get the larger version, and then have it printed at your favorite photo place.

Here are some photos from Bogdan's birth day and the days following:

Saying goodbye

"He has a nose!"

Bouncing to Vasilevka

When they first brought him back to me
For those of you who praying that I'd be able to keep him with me: he was only away from me for the first two (long!) hours. When we got there, the ambulance lady handed him off to the baby nurse, and I didn't see him again for two hours. The nurse was really nice, and kept coming to tell me exactly what she was doing with him and to ask my permission for each step, but I still wasn't too happy. After that, though, they wouldn't have taken him, even if I had begged for a rest!

In his hospital bed

One on each wrist
(made from gauze and a piece of mattress cover)

Skipping a few days here....

Ready to go home!

Surrounded, as soon as we stepped out

Together again!

Walking away

First family photo

In the taxi on the way home

Still, anytime Bogdan cries, Asya tells him, "Don't cry; you're not in the hospital anymore!"

Does that satisfy the desire for pictures?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for filling my day with sunshine! What a beautiful family. Please tell the big brother and big sisters that I am at the Zoo right now and thinking of our wonderful day here. I hope that they will bring Bogdan here soon.
We love you all!
Aunt Mary Dru & Uncle Steve

Mom said...

Thank you so much for the photos--wonderful to see each precious one. We just returned from taking Jim to the airport; it is marvelous to come home to this joyous post. Much love....

Rebecca said...

So precious!

Jonathan said...
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Baba Julie said...

So wonderful! It gives a feeling of having been there with you all! Wish we could've been there to help in some way! We know you are all thrilled to be back in one place!! So good to talk to you and Raia and see baby Bogdan on Saturday. We love you one and all!!

~Karen~ said...

Congratulations again, Phyllis and Will and children! Enjoy your little gift from God! :)