Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have gone around and around with birth plans for this baby. After three wonderful home births, I didn't exactly want a hospital birth. Plus, there's no birth hospital here in Dneprorudnoe anymore. However, we don't have anyone here to help us with childcare and such. That part was a real challenge after Asya was born, even with a few people who could help. With no one available...?

So, tomorrow I will be going to nearby Energodar, to check into the birth hospital there and wait for the birth of this baby. No signs of labor yet; this is just the day they chose for me to come in. This is not for any medical reasons whatsoever. In fact, if I'd had any health problems this pregnancy I probably wouldn't/couldn't have jumped through all the prenatal "care" hoops that I have. (The "care" that I've had has mostly consisted of being tested for STDs and hearing that I'm really fat. Oh, that and having the baby's heartbeat listened to with a little wooden trumpet. I like that last part. ) I still think home is the safest and best place for a healthy birth. However, I've had my good births, and I'm willing to try something else, if it will be easier for the whole family. Also, we'll be able to get a birth certificate without any questions. (Although, it looks like that would be pretty easy after a home birth here, too.)

Please be praying that all will go well! Hopefully Will can post an update here when I call to tell him that the baby is born, and then I should be back three days after that. Pray specifically that I would have the baby and come home soon, that I'll be surrounded by nice doctors and nurses--maybe even the kind who would respect my opinions?--and that I'll be able to keep the baby with me all the time.

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Misty said...

Oh how much I have loved and laughed at your weekend happenings. Not have a perfectly healthy baby at home? Bah!!! Apparently your little one did not agree either. God is sooo good. In spite of all our planning for what is "best"....

I'm glad this knew little one was born in your tub. Fyi, my midwife also has a wooden trumpet.

Rest much mama! Praying for ease in proving that this child is indeed "here, born in the Ukraine". :D