Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birth certificate

As much as I'd like to tell you all about our sweet, wide-eyed Bogdan and post tons of photos, I think I should keep this post down to business. Today is my first day flying solo with FOUR.

At the birth hospital we learned that there's a new law in Ukraine, requiring that all babies born outside of hospitals have to get their birth certificates through some court process. No one knows exactly what that means, but the hospital decided that they couldn't officially give me the papers that we would need to get a birth certificate. The doctor who examined me did write an unofficial letter, which could help.

Yesterday Will went to our local ZAGS (registration office), and they told him that this will need to be decided on a regional level. He was going to go to Vasilevka for that today, but they don't have a translation department. So, today he's going to Zaporozhya to get official translations of our marriage license and passports. Then, the next day that they're open (Tuesday?) he'll take everything to Vasilevka and find out what the next step is.

Thank you for praying!


Baba Julie said...

Wow! It's all so complicated, isn't it? Well, at least you have a "plan" now! We will be praying that it can be done quickly and that you all can be about your normal lives again as soon as possible!! Lots of Love!

Dan said...

So was the hospital stay for not?

Rebecca said...

Will continue praying!

Jessica Curtis said...

I guess the new law isn't just a rumor. A friend gave us this link the other day, but she said she wasn't sure how much of it was true... . That's all of the information that I have. Sorry that I couldn't be of much help but I think you heard before me and probably know more than I do. (Was going to email you, but I lost your email address.)