Monday, March 28, 2011

Look and listen archive

I'm archiving here what we looked at and listened to during Term 2. The current selections will be up on the Look and listen with us page. -->

Term 2
Artist: Caravaggio
Composer: Vivaldi
Folk songs: Tall Men Riding, Калинка (Russian), and Ой, на горі жито (Ukrainian)

The folk songs are the same throughout the term:

English video and info, Russian words, Ukrainian words (and sheet music!)
Ukrainian music (I can't get it onto the playlist above for some reason.)

Hymns change monthly. Here are December's:

Russian video with words

O God, Our Help In Ages Past
О имя Иисуса

I'll Fly Away
Красота Иисуса Светись во Мне (words)

And we'll spend two weeks on each piece of art and classical music.

Weeks 13-14

Weeks 15-16

Weeks 17-18

Weeks 19-20
Vivaldi CDs

Weeks 21-22
Vivaldi CDs

Weeks 23-24
Vivaldi CDs

*I've obviously chosen the Russian and Ukrainian songs on my own. A note on how I choose the hymns: if the Russian version of the English hymn is something that we actually sing, I use it. Otherwise, I try to pick something classically Russian or just something that we like. Folk songs are just from two disks of folk songs for children--specifically for children!--that we have.

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