Saturday, January 07, 2012

З Різдвом Христовим!

(Christmas is the one day out of the year when we speak Ukrainian. )

I forgot to take fresh camera batteries to the Christmas program today, so you'll just have to take this cute little guy's word for it, that it went well:

And one photo from the beginning:

Bogdan was fascinated!
Hopefully I'll get more photos from other people soon.

I also recorded our children saying one of their Christmas poems just now. They learned new poems for tomorrow, but this one is by a classic author. They said it in church on December 25th, This video is after a whole day of candy and partying. I should have recorded it earlier!

We put off caroling with the Sunday school until tomorrow, although we did go to our own neighbors.


Baba Julie said...

Very good!! Tell them Baba Julie says, "Good JOB"!!! Love to all!

Jolene said...

Love hearing our kids speak Russian! Very rewarding, isn't it?!

Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

Bogdan is such a cutie!!!