Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bits of recent news

Will led the local English club twice recently, because pretty much all the Americans and Canadians were out of town, and they asked him to fill in for them. After his years of teaching English, he really doesn't enjoy stuff like that, but he's good at it, and it went well from what I hear.

Jaan and Raia both made it through their technical music exams. Jaan wasn't too sure that he would survive, but he did.

Asya's pet duck died. 

Jaan and Raia both went to special events at the main regional library as the final part of contests they had entered. Jaan went on a "quest" there (NEW photos), and Raia met special dogs and heard from a groomer (NEW video clip). Neither of them won in their contests, but they enjoyed their times there.

During fall break from music school Raia and Asya decided to start trying to play balalaika and recorder together. It's turning out quite well, even without help from their teachers or any other adults, and it's fun to see them working together.

Our family was invited to a neighbourhood holiday and given an award

Bogdan had me quizzing him on English words recently, and I told him that he was doing a really good job. His response was, "Of course! I was born in Ukraine, so I know English." I think that was some twisted version of a discussion he had with his English teacher. I still haven't talked to her, so I think she was trying to figure out if he really is American or not... or something along those lines. He says that she said he should know English and asked where he was born.

I love this drawing Bogdan made for a friend. It's of a scene from our trip back from Rovno, when we saw hot air balloons along the road. You can also see lots of red fall leaves and the marshrutka we were riding in:

Fall colours are winding down, but still beautiful in places:

That's all the randomness that comes to mind right now. We haven't taken many pictures or done anything really big, but it does seem like everyone has been busy.


Baba Julie said...

Thanks, Phyllis! That really filled us in! Please tell Asya that I am so sorry about her duck! That is always sad. But, it does sound like a lot of fun has been happening and a lot of enjoying life! "How" wants to know who is Bogdan's English teacher besides his mother. Love to you all and thanks, again, for the update!

Mom said...

We always enjoy these snapshots of your busy and productive days. Thank you for sharing. Much love to all....

Phyllis said...

Brandy Vencel said...

I am very sorry about your duck! :(