Thursday, October 06, 2016

Through Raia's eyes

My parents and Grandma sent Raia a little camera. She took it with her for the first time on our Rovno trip. So, here's the conference through her eyes.

(It may be too many photos, but we'll try anyway.)

By the way, there are professional photos from the conference here and here and maybe elsewhere, too, but I might think that Raia's are more fun.


Mom said...

Raia, this is an absolute delight...definitely NOT too many photos. We are definitely pleased you are making such good use of the camera. (And Phyllis, thank you for posting her pictures.) What a bright spot in a relatively difficult day! Much love to all.

Baba Julie said...

These are GREAT, Raia!! They really show her artistic bent. And, they give us a vivid picture (no pun intended) of your trip! Love to you all!!