Monday, October 17, 2016

Fun with Oksana

A little over a week ago Oksana left for her last medical trip to America. She's our friend who grew up in the orphanage here. I guess we've started a tradition of having her spend the night with us before she goes to America. Or, at least, this is the second time we've done it. We had fun together: eating, talking, doing a bit of school, and going a walk to a playground. The photos with date stamps below are from her camera:

And then she left and won't be back until spring. Please pray with us for her while she's away. I know that she's already had her first appointment with one of the doctors, but I haven't talked to her to hear how it went.

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Mom said...

What an encouragement your family must be to Oksana! We are very thankful to see the medical progress being made and are praying for her as she endures this last round of treatment.

Love to all.