Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jaan's theater birthday

Have I mentioned Jaan's enjoyment of theater? He is in the church theater group, and he really loves it. They also had a gathering to celebrate recent birthdays--including his--and I stole a few of their photos to share here.

Also, this was from when they performed their Easter production way back in June for Children's Day:

(Did I link to photos from the play at Eastertime, or not?)

Yesterday they did the play again at a men's church conference. Jaan had speaking parts for the first time. He says that it all went well, and he was very excited to spend another day at the conference today. They won't be up on stage all together, but the youth leader will be doing some impromptu skits, and Jaan insisted that he has to be there for that, even though it means skipping a day of music school.

Soon they'll be working on a Christmas play.

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Mom said...

To see Jaan enjoying this sort of outreach pleases me. I had not seen the linked photos earlier--the one of Bogdan intensely watching the Easter performance is a gem. Love to each of you.