Saturday, March 25, 2017


I could almost say the same about this week that I did about last week, except that the good things were different and the sickness is different. We recovered from the stomach sickness, had a few days of relative health and activity, and then we were hit by a terrible respiratory thing. At this point, our children are mostly okay, but Will and I are still in bad shape.

So, good things:
Last Saturday was a flute concert where Asya and Jaan performed together for the first time. I have video of that for later. Also, at the same time as the concert, Bogdan and I were at the March birthday party for art school; there are a few photos of that for later, too. Sunday evening Jaan went to the theatre--a real professional play--with his church theatrical group. Monday Will and I both went to Kakhovka (both, that's a first!) for some time with Oksana and others. Asya has been spending more time at the library and having fun there; quiet time is quieter at home, if she goes to the library to read and work on projects. Thursday night was a great spring concert by the whole music school, where Jaan and Raia played in the folk ensemble. Today they're in Nikolaev at a contest with that ensemble.

And, really good:
Our kids have been amazing, keeping up with school, helping with everything, taking care of each other, and trying to get well or stay well.


The photo at the top is the folk ensemble, minus Raia. She was too sick on the day they did photos. That's her teacher in the front row, though, and Jaan at the piano.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, look at that huge instrument in the back! I've never seen anything like that! Sorry Raia didn't make the picture.

Mom said...

Sad that you are still battling sickness; thrilled that your children have been such bright lights through all of this. We love you all.

Baba Julie said...

So sorry that you all are sick again!! We are praying!! But, how wonderful that the children are having all of these wonderful opportunities!! Please tell them that we say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and that we love you, each one!!