Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Bits of news

(Edited later to add a few links.)

This is just a bunch of random bits thrown together.

First, a few pictures of Bogdan:

He learned to make blini!

Second, I didn't finish the marshrutka stories, and that's because the saga continues. Everything is pretty much business as usual. We even have a new route that goes through our neighbourhood. However, the dialogue goes on. There have been several city meetings scheduled to discuss it, but not enough council members show up for the meetings to happen. So, people go to the scheduled meetings, yell at each other, shove each other around, and go home. And we continue to ride for 3 hryvni, for now at least.

Thursday evening we said goodbye to Raia, and she left for Kyiv. Oksana was coming back from America, and Alys invited Raia to go along to meet her, keep her company in Kyiv and on the long trip back. They got back Sunday night. Bogdan was convinced that he was going to die without her, and I felt almost the same way, but we survived.

Everyone except me has been coughing and sniffling to various degrees, and we're all sick of it! At least Raia was the first to get it and the first to get well, so she was fine for her trip.

Saturday Will spent all day in Agape meetings, because the director was here to visit.

Last Monday I got to go visit some of the boys who have been transferred on from Tsyurupinsk to Dnepryani. The place where they live is not a nice place, and it can be emotionally quite hard to see them there and then leave, but we really had a great visit. We planned it so that we would be there during nap time and just wake a few of the boys up for some one on one time, instead of the whole crowd at once, and that worked really well. We pray that at least some of these boys will get to live in a home with a family soon.

Sasha, who is on the right above, was very excited to see the photos I had of our children. He has a hard time getting words out, especially when he's excited, so he just kept exclaiming and pointing to Jaan. It took a few minutes before I figured out that he actually recognised him and remembered him from the picnic in 2013! This was in 2013:

See how much Jaan has changed since then?
Oh, Jaan was in a little concert today. I posted a video of him and his teacher already. This is from just before the concert:

Okay. That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much Bogdon looks like Raia until the bathtime picture. At first I thought it was an older photo of her! Bogdon has a birthday coming up soon so Happy Birthday to you, Bogdon! He is growing up quickly. Looking forward to seein you all this summer! mmyers

Mom said...

Sasha's excitement clearly demonstrates the value of your ministry...and the vital part your children play. Thank you for this informative update. Love to each one....

Baba Julie said...

Yes! This is a wonderful demonstration of the ministry you have, Phyllis! And, it is such a great thing that the children can have such a part in it! Precious pictures! Love to all!