Friday, March 17, 2017

What a week!

It's been very a very full week, with lots of good and lots of bad.

Good: I got to go to a seminar in Dnipro on Wednesday. It was for adoptive parents, social workers, and anyone who works with orphans and children from hard places. They call this subject "Pedagogy of Trauma." I believe that it's so important that when Alys has asked me about what training her workers need, I've told her that this is it, and when I heard that it was being offered in Dnipro, we all signed up. So... good: the beautiful drive there on Tuesday, the seminar itself, making new friends, and seeing old friends that I had no idea would be there.

Bad: our whole family was hit by a stomach plague, in just about the worst way possible. One parent was away from home and sick. The other was home alone, sick and taking care of sick kids. Enough said? I've never been so glad to come home before! When I was writing back and forth with kids at the orphanage this morning about why I couldn't visit them, I got this from one of the girls:

That describes exactly how I feel about missing them and this whole business of being sick.

We're slowly recovering already, though. Everyone is still a bit thin and wobbly, but Jaan just asked for food, and that was wonderful to hear. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very busy day. I think we'll all be back on our feet and ready for it.

Oh, the picture above was when we first saw the Kakhovskoe Reservoir on our way to Dnipro. I had forgotten how much I miss that "sea." I just showed the picture to our older kids and they asked if it's our sea. Yes, it is. (Hmm. I really laid it out badly. I might need to do some cropping to get better proportions there.)

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Baba Julie said...

Happy to hear that you all are finally getting better. Sounds like a very tough illness.

Your seminar sounds wonderful, though. So glad you were able to attend.

And, seeing your "sea" again! How marvelous! I remember our time walking down to the sea. Makes me miss it - and you all!! Love you each one!