Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring concert

March 23 was the big spring concert for our music school. It was really good. All the choirs and ensembles and dance groups performed.

There might be some professional video later, and if it goes up online, I'll add links to that. For now, here are two clips that I took when our children were playing. The first is Raia and two other students with her teacher. The second is the whole folk ensemble. (There was trouble with the sound system, and Jaan was playing even though we couldn't hear him at first. Raia said the song was "boring" without him.) This is one of the pieces they played at the contest in Nikolaev a few days later.


Mom said...

Lovely. Bravo!

Baba Julie said...

VERY NICE!! Both videos were outstanding! They did a GREAT job!! Please give them both our BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! Love you all!!