Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cranes, cars, and teeth

(Which one of the three doesn't belong?)

Cranes: Jaan's obsession with cranes continues. While most little boys turn everything into guns, for Jaan there's nothing that can't be a crane. Last night on our way to the orphanage we passed a place where there's a new see-saw. We were early, so we stopped. Jaan had no idea what the see-saw was. Will told him to sit on it, and then pushed down on the other end. Jaan's eyes got really big, and he said, "Ooo, the crane is lifting Jaanchik!"

Cars: Jaan's favorite indoor pastime is driving his "car" around. Here it is:

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Teeth: Raia won't be a vampire baby for long, because one of her middle teeth just broke through.

Oh! And. . .
Pumpkins: Jaan now has two little pea-sized pumpkins starting on his plants.


BabaJulie said...

Oh!! That's so cute!! Is he saying Putt, putt? What else is he saying? And, I love the thing about the see-saw being a crane!! Isn't that great??? I'm so glad that "vampire girl" is getting some more teeth!! I know it will be easier for her to "partake"!! Lots of love!

Mom said...

Honey--Every time we go past the huge construction crane at Florida Hospital, I think of Jaan. (It's far from being the only time we think of him.) He would probably be delighted to spend hours watching it.

When Leetra had the same tooth formation as Raia has had, I thought it was a preview of the six-year-old missing front teeth look--total cute, far from vampirish.

Much love....

Anonymous said...

Hey Will and Phyllis!

Please know that though I don't often comment, I take great delight in checking first thing every morning to see if there's a new note or picture, and again every afternoon about 5:30-6:00 before I leave work. Phyllis thanks so much for the joy you bring to each of us with the site!

much love to all 4 of you!


Phyllis said...

I knew someone would ask. He's saying "Вот, вот. Машина поехала. Сейчас." The second part is that the car is going now. Who wants to help me translate the "вот, вот"? It's definitely not "putt, putt"!

amazing journeys said...

The only thing I can suggest is something like "there, there..." Would that be close enough?

It was totally cute!!! Hey, is he talking in Russian more than in English?!

Christian was born Oct 11, 2004 - almost a year! How cool :)

Hey speaking of Christian he is desperately wanting to leave his own message here :) Here it is:
nnjj kvkv vv,,,, m ,vhhhhn cxn dxxk cm


Lots of love

BabaJulie said...

Okay, I'll ask Anna!! She's getting pretty good at Russian! She got an email from Yulia and said you all had "cheese and snow" for Easter! (She couldn't quite figure what the cheese word was!!) But, she's been studying with a Russian girl from her school. How about "vroom, vroom"?
Love Y'all!!!

Phyllis said...

Hi, Christian! Jaan would love to answer you, but his hands are busy right now. :-)

Yes, "there, there" is about as close as we could get, too. There just isn't any "вот" in English, is there? (It's not a car noise, Baba Julie.)

We're laughing out loud at the "cheesy Easter." It's one of the few situations in Russian that are like bear/bare in English. The two words sound alike, but have different meanings. Сыр is cheese. Сырой should be cheesy, but it's not; it means damp. And we definitely had a damp Easter this year! Hee hee. I'm still laughing.

Anna said...

ok. In my defense- that was on my first read through. I went home and figured out that it meant damp. It made no sense with the rest of the sentence, so I knew it couldn't be cheese, but it sure did look like it!

Shannon said...

Yeah!! I understand baby talk!! How fun to hear his sweet voice! Thanks for including that in your blog. Such fun!

Sorry I've been silent for so long! I'm still checking your site several times a week...just don't often have time to write back.

Love to you all!!!

Mike said...

That is really cool! David used to do that too... with a little stool like that too.