Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two bits of news

Last night we all went to the Bible lesson at the orphanage, and we had a wonderful time with the children there. Jaan did the craft right along with them. Now he keeps asking to go back to "school."

Raia's next tooth came through today. It's the opposite outer tooth on the top, so she now has fangs.


BabaJulie said...

Ohhhh! I have a very funny picture of Raia in my mind!! Vampire girl????

We are so thrilled that Pop did not have to have the stint put in this morning!! It was only a narrowing of that artery. Nothing was blocked!! Praise the Lord! Now, we are assuming the other surgery will be set up soon. Love to all!!

mom said...

I was going to comment on being pleased you were all able to visit the orphanage when I saw Julie's post. I was so excited to read the news of Pop that my other thoughts have been waylaid. PTL!

Much love to each one.

Anonymous said...

phyllis i have missed talking with you! our computer crashed and we're still having problems... i love the pictures of the walk in the woods and precious *fang* girl - i can't believe she is 10 months!!! oh and the pancake comment Jaan had.. was that in English or Russian?? that pic. is too funny!!
take care

Phyllis said...

Susan, I've missed you, too! I hope you'll be able to get your computer all the way back up and running soon. Did you ever get the CD we sent you?

The new store here has a bag of big marshmallows for sale. When are you going to come buy them? :-)

Of course, Jaan's comment was in Russian: "Вот это хрюшка!"