Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring cleaning

Cleaning up to get ready for Easter is very important here. Jaan and I have been slowly working through spring cleaning indoors. As we washed windows this morning, I noticed that many of our neighbors were working right along with us on their own windows.

The window washer
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Today is a "субботник" (work day) for our building. Most people will be cleaning up outside later on, but we have a church service to go to, so we did our part already. Well, I say we did our part, but really Will was the only one working. The other three-quarters of our family just enjoyed being outside on this beautiful spring day.


BabaJulie said...

How nice! Spring cleaning makes everything seem much brighther, doesn't it? We had Taylor Darden clean our windows on the outside about a week ago and it's like having curtains lifted or something! Someone even commented about how much brighter it seemed in our living room!! I can't wait to have the girls I "bought" at the servant auction do the inside windows and blinds! Love Y'all!

Mom said...

Is this a Maundy Thursday service?

Your cleaning helper has a bright and shiny face.

Much love to each one....

Sparklite said...

We had a lovely day here in Toronto on thursday too but I can't say I've got to my spring cleaning just yet!