Monday, April 17, 2006

Ten months old

A few days ago Raia turned ten months old. Does that sound as old to you as it does to me? To celebrate she cut her third tooth and got her own bedroom.

Once again, she's following Aunt Leetra's example. Instead of getting teeth that match up, she has the two middle ones on the bottom, and the one that's coming in on the top is a side tooth. She'll be all crooked and still unable to chew properly. That won't slow down her eating, though!

And about her own room, here it is:

Her new room
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She's always been very independent about sleeping and insisted on being in a room by herself to fall asleep. We just moved Jaan out to the living room with her, so we have to cover her up like this so that she still thinks she's alone in her own little mini-bedroom.

This doesn't have to do with our ten-month-old, but I'm still excited about it: the snow is almost all melted in our flower beds outside! Will has cleaned up the big trash, and Jaan and I did a little work, too. We found some of the perennials from last year, just starting up under the last bit of snow. We cleared around them, and as soon as the ground is a little less soupy, we'll rake up the last of the trash, and start planting! Hurrah!


mom said...


I can hardly wait to tell Leetra that Raia is following her in teething; she will be so excited. Yesterday when she was with us, conversation several times drifted to Raia and how much she longs to hold her.

So is Jaan's bedroom the other end of the same room? Have you moved the computer elsewhere?

I am so excited you are soon able to work in your garden downstairs; I know what therapy that is.

Much love to each one....

BabaJulie said...

Hi! That is precious! I remember making "rooms" everywhere! It seems like Anna stayed in a basinette in the kitchen until she was so big that she moved it across the floor by standing up and shaking it!! (We had to put her in with Will then!) Love to All!