Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More on flowers

We're back online! I think.

First of all, there definitely aren't any flowers outside yet. So far, I haven't seen any green at all, much less pink. All is still white, grey and brown. But soon. . . !

The flowers Jaan was holding yesterday are a special treat Will bought when we were in Moscow. They're something from the southern mountains. Before we had children, I actually researched and figured out what they are. Of course, I can't remember any of that now. Babushki sell them in the Metro in the springtime. Actually, they sell dried twigs. When you put them in water, they start to come to life, and then they bloom! I love these flowers; they remind me of Aaron's rod that bloomed.

Yesterday Jaan was helping me take pictures of them, and then I had to step back and get the picture that I shared with you.

Now, more flowers:

Pumpkin flowers and breakfast
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Remember Jaan's pumpkin seeds? Look at them now!

Also at breakfast
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Jaan looked over at Raia stuffing her pancake into her mouth, and his comment was, "Now that's a piglet!"


Mom said...

Leetra could have been the first to comment this morning because she saw the photos in the dark of night here (as she was taking a break from her art project).

Hooray for Will (as usual) for buying you flowers....So the pumpkin is actually blooming--amazing!...If Raia is a piglet, then piglets are adorable.

Much love to each one....

BabaJulie said...

Hi! I agree! What an adorable piglet she is!! And, any husband who buys flowers for his wife is adorable, too!! However,I question the idea of twigs!! (: What a beautiful picture - Aaron's rod that bloomed! Amazing!! And, the pumpkin flowers!! Yea! Pumpkin pie coming up!!! Love to All!

Lindy said...

I have some flowers coming up where I planted bulbs and the sap has been flowing like crazy AND THEN. . . Today we are under a winter storm watch and the snow is falling like crazy (4-8 inches by tonight). It's been a very weird winter in Vermont. Here people cut pussywillow twigs and let them bud inside for decoration. I wish you have some fresh Vermont maple syrup for those pancakes!
Love, Aunt Lindy

Lindy said...

I hate typos:
I wish you HAD some fresh. . .

Space Potato said...

Actually, I would have said, "Now there is a Phyllis or a Leetra."

You both enjoyed your food immensely.

BabaJulie said...

Hi! I just HAVE to answer Lindy!! I would LOVE to have some of that snow and to visit Vermont sometime! I know it must be beautiful!! But, I know you would love to see all of our Azaleas, Dogwoods, Pansies, Tulips, etc in FULL BLOOM in NC! It is so gorgeous here right now!