Monday, September 11, 2006

The birthday report

We spread Jaan's birthday out over three days.

With Nastya
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Friday we had dinner with Nastya and a bunch of her friends. Her birthday is close to Jaan's, so we usually do something with her. (Jaan made the cupcakes! . . . with some help.)

By the train
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Saturday we celebrated as a family by going to the park and riding the train. Jaan and Raia also loved the live music that was playing there and then enjoyed some time on the playground. Raia fell in a mud puddle (of course) and got so dirty that I could hardly figure out how to hold her on the way home.

His present!
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Sunday morning Jaan opened his present from his grandparents: a train set! He played with it until we dragged him away for the first day of Sunday school. Then, when we got home from church, we were going to try to feed him supper, but he could only sit there and cry that he wanted to play with his train. So, we let him go, and he skipped his birthday dinner in order to play with his train.


BabaJulie said...

Hi! What a wonderful birthday he had!! I love birthdays that stretch out! And, I'm so happy that he loves the train set!

Happy 5th anniversary of your arrival in Russia! We are so proud of all of you and grateful to God for your service to Him!! Love to all!

Mom said...

What an eventful and happy celebration of Jaan's third birthday! Once again, thanks for sharing.

Last night I also was thinking that it has been five years since you departed: five years of personal growth and growth as a couple; five years of ministry in Moscow, Kovrov and elsewhere; foundational years in the establishment of your family. May God be praised for the beauty and witness of your lives. Much love....

Anna said...

Happy (late)birthday to Jaan! I wish I could've been with the family for the birthday phone call. Sounds like he was pretty occupied with trying out the new trains, though, and wasn't at his conversational best, anyway. =-)

Lindy said...

Happy birthday -- stretch it out a little longer since my weekend Internet access is iffy! I was thinking of you and remembering how much fun "three" is! I understand the NEED to spend time with the train set -- you can eat anytime. Trains were a big part of R.B.'s earlier years, Thomas the Train and his friends were enjoyed by all of us for many years. Enjoy the three year old year. Love, Aunt Lindy

Jennie said...

Happiest of Birthdays to Jaan! Yep, our boys are three. Hard to believe. You know, Jeremy's a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan. Hours of entertainment!

By the way, Jeremy's been saying he turned 13, which gives a real chuckle to the strangers in Walmart.

Oregon Criss's said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

May this year be the best year yet!!!