Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My sweet "babies"

It's hard to call them babies when they're so big already! However, both of them have colds now, and they're acting rather babyish.

Here are some of my favorite recent photos of them:

The naturalist
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Raia's favorite time of day is when we go outside. She just goes crazy when she sees that we're getting ready. She runs around getting her beloved bucket, shoes, clothes, and then just signs frantically and yells until we actually walk out the door. Outside, she toddles around with her bucket and industriously collects these red berries. It amazes me that she has learned not to eat these, when other red berries are just about her favorite food. I took this photo just after we had come in one day, as she was inspecting her treasures.

The construction worker
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Will found this hat for Jaan. As they were washing it up and getting it ready, they were talking about how men who drive cranes wear hats like these. When they finished with it, Jaan put it on and tried to leave our apartment. He was going to work! When we explained that he wasn't quite big enough, he almost cried. Now he's reconciled to the fact that he can wear his hard hat and just work around here until he grows up.


Mom said...

Precious pictures and sweet stories--what a delight! Thank you. Along with prayers for renewed health, much love to each one...

BabaJulie said...

That is great! You do wonder what goes on in their minds, don't you? So, he wants to go to work? I say, hire him out!!(: What wonderful pictures! I loved those red berries, too! They are so pretty! And, it's funny how they look a little different in each picture... in those pictures, I think Raia looks more like Jaan and Jaan looks more like you!!! Love to all!

Lindy said...

I agree with Julie. As I looked at the pictures I was amazed at how Raia doesn't seem to look as "Leetraish." Jaan's looking grown-up enough to run a crane. He can wear his hard hat as he conducts his trains around the tracks. We're dealing with very high pollen counts versus colds. The sneezing attacks are something I've never experienced before. Hopefully all will be well soon.

sarah said...

Wow! I coudln't agree more that Raia now looks like Jaan used to you and that Jaan looks identical to you!! They certainly are growing up. I still call mine babies too ;-)

sarah said...

sorry for that extra word in there...I was trying to hurry as we are traveling on the road. *lol*