Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sewing project and table manners

Working together
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We made our first sewing project (a fitted sheet) yesterday. I thought I would have to learn to sew one-handed. Instead it looks like I just have to get used to a sewing machine that responds to voice commands. Jaan does a great job of turning the crank. I just tell him "stop," "go," "faster," or "slower." If I have to adjust something near the needle, his wiggles make me nervous, so I tell him "hands up," and he waits with his hands in the air.

Raia tries on the finished product
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. . . and Jaan shows it off
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Table manners:
Tonight when I put Jaan's supper in front of him, he said, "I don't want to eat this; I want to throw it on the floor." Oh. Then he gobbled it right up and asked for seconds. Maybe we have something to work on here? Or maybe it's just another one of those cases where we shake our heads and wonder what goes on in his mind?

A few days ago he was eating soup and excitedly exclaimed, "Смотри, Мама-ка! Червяк!" ("Look, Mama-ka! A worm!") And then he gulped it down. I was quick enough to see that it was an onion, not a worm, but I was rather amazed at the difference between his response and that of an adult in the same situation.


Oregon Criss's said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!!
What a great sheet Jaan!
love ya!

Mom said...

Your sewing solution is genius; it does my heart great good to see you sewing. And the worm comment brought hearty laughter here.

Much love to each precious one....

BabaJulie said...

What a beautiful sheet!! And, what a smart solution and helper!! I know you are all enjoying your "new toy"!

His eating oddities sound much like his father's! Doesn't surprise me! Remember all those lovely concoctions Will would make and the names he gave them before you taught him to cook, Phyllis? (: Lots of love to all!

Mrs said...

I've been keepiing track of your blog, too, Phyllis! I love reading about your children and your Russian experiences.

I just read the sewing machine commands out loud to John and he laughed! Hands up!

PS I haven't seen Iain yet, but I've bought him diapers and have a meal planned. Everyone knows "bringing a meal" is the church ladies' sneaky way to see the baby.