Friday, October 19, 2007

Brother and sisters

Loving her. . .
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. . . or smothering her?
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"Mama, she's hugging me!"
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You might not be able to tell, but Asya had her arms wrapped around Jaan's hand. He was thrilled and announced that she was hugging him: "That means she loves me!"

Will came home last night!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Will's home! and does Mr. Will have a new visa for himself?

Gotta run, Julie's in mtns for w/e, which I'm sure you know. Love all the pics!

I've downloaded Skype, so will probably try to call tomorrow morning (my time). much love to all


Oregon Criss's said...

Way precious pictures!!!Asya is looking so good!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hooray that Will is home. What a unexpectedly speedy trip. Sounds like his path was well prepared, so that he didn't need to be away from you all longer than absolutely necessary. Praying that this is the first step in smoother sailing for you all with visas, registration, etc...

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures! I LOVE the hug, and I think jaan looks just like old pictures of you, Phyllis. Raia takes after you in the smothering her little sister with affection if not in the looks department:) Love you all!

Baba Julie said...

Okay, I HAVE to comment after Leetra's comment!! Will and Phyllis must've been twins! Jaan looks so much like Will as a little fellow, I couldn't believe it! Will was SO thin, my relatives used to nag at me to feed him more!! It looks like Jaan has that same "slight" frame! Although, I will say, I believe Will grew out of that!!! (: Lots of love!!!