Monday, October 08, 2007

Cute baby photos

Guess what we're working on today?

Passport photos
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Getting ready for our trip to Moscow tomorrow!

I thought there might be some people out there needing a cute baby fix:

Flying baby
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Playing together
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He wants to play with her so badly! Jaan just can't wait until Asya wakes up, so that he can show her toys, talk to her, and interact with her. It's probably not much fun for him yet, but so cute.

Ready for church
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Asya went to church for the first time yesterday. We took a taxi to get there, and she was wide-eyed for her first time in a car. Once we got to church, she promptly fell asleep, and behaved herself very well all through the service.

This isn't a baby, but it's still cute:

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Jaan and Raia are obsessed with cutting these days. Most mornings we have a craft time, because I'm not quite ready to be taking them outside morning and afternoon every day. I keep suggesting that we glue or draw or something else, but all they want to do is cut. And even outside of our craft times, they'll sit for ages, chopping papers into tiny pieces. Their scissors are the first thing they ask for when they wake up, and they carry them around with them throughout the day.

Oh! I just checked the weather forecast: snow on Saturday!


Mrs said...

Jaan and Raia . . . future confetti makers? I wonder what they could do with a hole punch?


This is such a fun stage. I came home from a women's function one night and noticed a clump of hair in the trash. I asked Himself, "Which one of your daughters cut their hair?" He was so surprised! We had to wait until the next morning (they were asleep) to see who it was.

Baba Julie said...

Hi, Phyllis! Thanks for the "cute baby" pictures!! They are precious!! Do you think I could have a copy of Will holding Asya up in the air? And, Jaan wanting to play with Asya is just so sweet! I guess he's had such a good time with Raia, he figures Asya is another fabulous "playmate to be"! And, the scissors! Maybe they will be famous origami artists some day!! (: Love you all!

mom said...

This is a posting to examine many times today (and for days to come when we need to see the most adorable baby.) Asya looks so small in Will's hands! And as usual, the focused intensity of Jaan and Raia captures my heart.

Much love....and many prayers as you begin your trek.

Carrie said...

Adorable. I love the one with Asya in yellow.
Are those passport photos 5x5cm? Just wondering,when Jon went to get his new passport they wouldn't accept the Russian passport size photos and made him get 5x5 photos.

Phyllis said...

Yes, the photos are 5x5. I did everything exactly according to the embassy website, so hopefully it will be right.

Carrie said...

Too bad we missed you in Moscow by a week. We would have loved to see you all.

sarah said...

You know you live in Russia when the baby is swaddled that tight for church!!! :-P I still remember the day when I was walking in a bazaar with my then 5 month old and our driver took the baby out of my hands and handed him over to one of the Babushka's to show me how it is properly done! :O) Not fully understanding the language (thus not knowing initially why my baby was being taken from me) my heart skipped a couple of beats at first, but now I can giggle at the entire experience. I will never forget that babies are not allowed to feel a draft of cold air EVER! =)

I agree that the one of Will holding Asya is precious. Love his big Papa hands in comparison to his little princess.

My Chloe and Phoebe would love to have a visit Jaan and Raia as they too could cut with scissors ALL day! =)

Mrs said...

Agree with the Mom that this blog entry needs to be visited and examined regularly!

Asya's bundling picture. . . it looks like the trees on the sheets are arrows pointing to the cute baby.

Does Raia want to play, too, or is she still toddlerish and indifferent (prefering to play "next to" instead of "with")?

Phyllis said...

Yes, Carrie, it really is too bad we didn't get her birth certificate a little faster. :-(

Sarah, even that swaddle job isn't quite right, and we added another, thicker blanket before walking out the door. :-)

Mrs, Raia isn't so concerned with playing, she just wants to HOLD Asya all the time. :-)

Good night! Our first train tomorrow is at 5:00 am.

Mom said...

Praying for good rest tonight and success tomorrow....please know you are all dearly loved.

Lindy said...

Once again your weather report and ours are the same. We are expecting rain turning to snow Friday night and Saturday! I hope you had success in the world of paperwork. The pictures are wonderful.

Anna said...

You know who all that cutting reminds me of? Aunt Abby. I can't believe mom didn't think of her. She has been making collages for as long as I can remember. She does one for every occasion, for everyone that she knows. They're just following along in her footsteps.

Baba Julie said...

Boy! I don't know why I didn't think of Abby!! I'm STILL picking up bits and pieces from all her collages!! I find them in the strangest places!

Also wanted to tell you that it is supposed to be 43 degrees here tonight!! We finally have Fall!! And, we would LOVE to see that snow you and Lindy are supposed to have!! The drought is really bad!! Love y'all!!!

Phyllis said...

Ah, yes, Aunt Abby. We even have some of her collages here. She needs to teach a certain nephew and niece what to do with all the cut up pieces of paper they make.