Monday, October 01, 2007

Double Жатва

Will didn't get many photos in Viazniki yesterday. Here's just one of him there with Jaan and Raia:

After the service
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So, I'll post photos now from our Zhatva celebration last week.

"The harvest is ripe"
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They had just woken up, hence the expressions on their faces.

Our choir
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Raia and Maria Vasilevna
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Maria Vasilevna is Mark's great-grandmother and the first of four generations of her family in church.

Zhavta was beautiful here in Kovrov, and I know it was in Viazniki, too. Here we met in the big auditorium where we used to meet, and it was almost full. I don't think we've ever had so many guests at one service. Groups from the churches in Ivanovo and Shuya came. There were also quite a few of the kids from the orphanage and a few grandmothers from the nursing home. I was especially glad to see those last two groups; if we can't visit them now, at least we can stay in contact with them like this! One man who has a car went and picked those grandmothers up and took them back afterwards. It was their first time with us, and they loved it.

(By the way, you should go back to the "Help from Jaan" post and click through to the video Dad posted, if you haven't seen it yet.)


Anonymous said...

Hi,Phyllis! It is such a blessing to see these pictures and praise the Lord for the freedom these grandmothers now have to worship Him. Where did the church meet when the great grandmother first start attending? And, we pray for that freedom of assembly to continue! Love to all! Julie/Baba/Mom

Mom said...

May the harvest of spiritual fruit in Russia be as abundant as the harvest of physical fruit. Happy Zhatva to each of you! With much love....

JacciM said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby! Oh, the sweet newborn stage :) Blessings to you!!!