Friday, October 12, 2007

Moscow trip

Here's a good distraction, while we sit here and pray.

Our trip to Moscow for Asya's passport was actually quite fun! By the time we got to the embassy, we were pretty tired. Asya cried most of the time there, probably just because we finally stopped moving. And Jaan was terrified of the Marines who guard the doors. He kept coming to me and asking me to spank him if he was bad. I was a little puzzled by that, until he said, "Please, I want you to spank me if I'm bad; I don't want those soldiers to shoot me!" Still, everything went smoothly, and we should have Asya's passport in two weeks. From there we went to spend the night with our friends, the Sullivans, which was the fun part of the trip. (Oh, there was another family applying for a passport for their baby, who is just a few days younger than Asya. They were from the language school in Krasnodar. Anyone know people there with a new baby now?)

The tape player!
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The Sullivans remembered how much Jaan had liked this tape player before, and this time they gave it to him! He hasn't been able to put it down since.

Feeding the turtles
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Biology 101
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With the turtles, the seashells, and the birds, Jaan and Raia got to explore and observe all kinds of natural wonders.

Bagel makers
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And then they made bagels with Aunt Roz. They had so much fun! Raia was up on the table, actually wallowing in the flour. Roz washed their clothes for us before we left.

Sarah and Asya
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The quote of the trip was from Raia, as we were running for our train on the way back. Will was encouraging Jaan to keep running and run faster, when Raia piped up from her comfy seat, "I'm running in my stroller!"


Oregon Criss's said...

very precious pictures! i LOVE them!

Baba Julie said...

Thanks, again, for the great pictures and stories of adventures in Moscow! I'm so glad you have friends in Moscow with whom you could visit! The Sullivans are wonderful people. It was so nice of them to entertain you all and the children in such a delightful way!! Praying for everything!! Lots of love!

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

We really enjoy the photos and your stories. I know it takes significant time and effort on your part to keep up with the blog and we appreciate it so much! We are praying!


Mrs said...

Whew! For a minute there, I thought you were trapped in Moscow or something. The pictures are great! We are praying for passports and visas here.

Anonymous said...

Krasnodar!! That's where we adopted our daughter!!! I'd love to go back there sometime when we can enjoy it.

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooops. I can't even remember where we adopted our was Novorossisk.....but we stayed in Krasnodar for over a week while we waited.......

Laura :)