Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today's news

Again, thank you for praying. All of Will's documents were accepted without questions, and they're doing one-day visa processing for him. If he can get train tickets, he could be back as soon as tomorrow night! Of course, it will be so late, that it hardly counts as tomorrow, but that's good enough.

Here in Kovrov we're enjoying the snow through the windows. I tried to get everyone out to experience it yesterday, but that was a little too much. It's mixed with rain and sleet, and the result is MUD. We stayed out for an hour, but then came in with all three children screaming: Jaan because he wanted to stay out longer, Raia because she was cold and wet, Asya because we couldn't keep moving enough for her to fall asleep.

"All by ourselves!"
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This was from yesterday. Remember, they were supposed to be getting ready to go out in the snow.

And Raia kept going
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Yes, she has two pairs of underwear on over her pants.

Watching Jaan
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We did send him out by himself for a while this morning. Raia and I played on the balcony and watched him. At one point she pointed out a dog to me. In an effort to get her talking more, I asked her to describe it:
"Yes, and. . . ?"
"And. . .?"
"Not tasty!"

"We love Asya!"
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Obviously, this is from before Will left. You can see what Asya faces every time she opens her eyes.


Baba Julie said...

Hi, Phyllis! I know I keep saying the same thing over and over, but that picture of Will and the children is SO SWEET!! What a wonderful family you all have!!!

And, I am so relieved to hear that all his docs were accepted! We will pray that the visa is indeed ready for him as quickly as it is supposed to be!!! And, what is the next step we pray for AFTER he gets home? Hugs and Kisses!!

Anonymous said...

Those pics are so cute! I enjoy your have a great family!

Laura T. :)

macphil said...

Here we are in a Lompoc, CA coffee shop accessing the internet and enjoying pictures of our favorite grandchildren. What a world we live in. Just two blocks down the street is the site of the city library where I used to hang out. Besides being in love with the books, I was also madly in crush with the assistant librarian. She was just out of grad school experiencing her first real job. Only seven years younger than her, I was sure the age gap could be conquered. Luckily for you, she never had an inkling of my feelings. I waited, Your mother came along. And the rest is history.

Your mother and I are loving the pictures. Such good news about Will! I must admit that sometimes when I pray I am conflicted. It would be so nice to see you, Will, and those wonderful children that it is hard to pray for your continued absence. But, bottom line, I want you to be where God wants you to be.

I thank God often for the internet. The pictures and stories make it so much easier to endure the separation. How did the parents of children overseas manage without this wonderful service?

Love to the whole tribe from Mr. Multiple Personality himself,
Dad, Grandda, Space Potato

macphil said...

Another Lompoc library trivia item:
In the early 20th century, W.C. Fields made a movie called the Bank Dick. The library was painted pink and played the role of a night club called the Pink Pussycat. This is rather funny as Lompoc was a temperance town in those days. Alcohol was illegal. In the movie, He made the famous (at least in Lompoc) comment "Ah, yes, here we are in beautiful, downtown Lompoc." He pronounced Lompoc as "Lompahk." The correct enunciation is "Lompoke."

Baba Julie said...

Hi! I just read your dad's comments about "having children overseas before this wonderful service". That is exactly where we were when Will first went to Moscow! It was very hard for us to be separated from us and have very little communication! And, phone service was also difficult and VERY expensive at that time, as well. I think we all suffered some from that experience! Love you all!

Mrs said...

Hooray for Will's papers!

Keep the cute kid photos coming, please!

Anonymous said...

"Not tasty" made my day :) Tell Raia thank you.