Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On Friday Asya had her first bath:

First bath
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The hot water was fixed the day she was born, but that only lasted for one day, so she didn't have a chance to enjoy it until Friday. We've found that newborns love to have relaxing "swimming lessons" in a full tub, and Asya is no exception to that.

Going potty
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There's a similar photo of Raia that I just love. You can't see it here, but Asya gets that very same look of concentration on her face. Useful fact that I'm not sure I had ever heard in America: sometimes babies fuss because they have to go potty, and they're much happier when they don't have to do it in diapers!

Also on Friday Will, Jaan and Raia made a quick trip to our dacha, to pack up some things and bring back fresh vegetables. They also brought me some of my flowers:

"For you!"
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(I'm afraid it's a better picture of the flowers than of the children.)

Saturday was my first whole day without Will. He had to be at the monthly missionary-pastor meeting in Ivanovo. Everything went really well here, though. We had unexpected helpers (a hyperactive six-year-old boy and his sweet mother) show up in the morning. Even though they are the most. . . how should I say it? demanding? challenging? of any who could have come, it really was nice. They took Jaan and Raia out to play for a while, and then we all had lunch together.

In the afternoon our friends Zoya and Elizabeth, who live in Moscow now, showed up. I knew they were planning on being in Viazniki today, and I was sad that I wouldn't get to see them, so I was thrilled when they called and said, "Um, we're in Kovrov." It was great to see them and catch up a little. I didn't get a good photo of Elizabeth, but I love this one of Zoya and Asya:

Zoya and Asya
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(Elizabeth, I hope the group one I took with your camera turns out better than ours. Everyone else, go check Elizabeth's blog, because I know she'll be posting about her Kovrov/Viazniki trip when she gets back to Moscow.)

Today Will and the older two are in Viazniki for the Zhatva celebration there. (The churches in our region try to stagger out the dates and times for celebrating Zhatva, so that there are chances to visit each other.) Asya and I are enjoying a very peaceful, quiet day together here. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I think I'll start by watching her sleep for a while. Have I mentioned that she's incredibly sweet?


Mom said...

What a lovely post! Since "sweet" seems to be your main descriptive of Asya, I feel like you have been able to enjoy this first week with her despite its busyness.

We love you....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, again, for the great photos! I do think she looks a lot like Jaan! Am I right? And, she looks so "healthy"! That's wonderful! Praising the Lord for his blessings!! Love, Julie/Mom/Baba

Mrs said...

Watching babies sleep was one of my favorite passtimes. Time well spent, if you ask me!

I love the picture of Jaan and Raia. It looks like Raia may have been hiding something behind her back? Glad to hear you are still able to reap some of the dacha harvest!

Prayers for health and rest.

Stephanie said...

Congradulations on a sweet baby! She is just beautiful!

Allie said...

I agree - she does look like Jaan. And in the second picture, she looks so cutely chubby!

Phyllis said...

Hiding something behind her back? No. She was just taking her coat off. :-)

Yes, in my memory, Asya looks like Jaan, but I can't find any specific photos of him where the resemblance is obvious.

Anna said...

Oh, so nice to see a picture of Zoya. I'm so glad that she and Elizabeth were able to visit you. I wish I could just hop on the train and be there in a few hours. Of course, I might be visiting every weekend, if I was able to do that. =-)

Abby said...

It's so good to hear and see what you all are doing and see what the kids are up to! I think God will always stir my heart a bit in the area of Russia. You all are such an example and encouragement!

Shannon said...

Your "useful fact" about fussy babies disliking diapers was ringing in my head this afternoon when Caiden was fussing and I knew why...I placed her on the toilet and held on, and it worked (!) much to her surprise and mine. Happy baby again! I'm almost tempted to buy her a baby potty! Thanks for the advice! =)