Thursday, September 13, 2007

A few more dacha photos

After Jaan's birthday celebration we came home. It's been getting cold enough, and we've had so much rain, that now it's more comfortable to be here at our apartment. Hopefully we'll have another warm, dry spell and get in a little more dacha time before fall is really here. The last watering day in the gardens will be next week, and the electricity will be going off soon, though. We can at least enjoy some more days out there, even if the nights are too cold, or the power is off. Back when it was still hot, Will said something about how he didn't want the summer to end. I could have hit him! Now I am reveling in the cooler weather, changing colors, and hope of seeing our baby soon, but I agree that it will be sad to see the dacha season end.

The Great Wall of Beans
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At first I wasn't too happy with these beans, because they just grew and grew, and didn't seem inclined to give us anything. Now they're producing in great amounts! If nothing else, we'll have a freezer full of beans for the winter. I wish I had taken note of what variety they are. . . . something Tanya's sister sent from America.

Window in the bean wall
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Berry face
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Squash harvest
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Squash and beans: probably our two most successful crops this year.

New strawberry bed
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(I thought it was funny that Susan also included something about family size in what she wrote yesterday.)


Mom said...

It's especially good to see those sweet faces of two children who are reveling in the final days of summer at the dacha.

Much love....

Anonymous said...

Green beans! That's what they are! Oh, you wanted a more specific name? (: Glad to hear you had such a good crop! Our Butterpeas were definitely our best crop! They seem to LOVE the hot weather! Our squash really didn't do much, unfortunately! I have heard so much about the prolific Zucchini! Enjoy these final days at the dacha! What a great blessing! Love, Julie/Baba/Mom

Lindy said...

We've had cucumbers coming up so fast I think someone is attaching them at night. I've made so many pickles that people better beware if they visit! Will chose Brussel Sprouts to plant so he better like them because they are growing like crazy too. The cool crisp weather is such a blessing and so enjoyable to breathe. Our temps were in the upper 30s last night! I love this time of year. The pictures are great.

Phyllis said...

Oh, yes the wonderful cool weather! I forgot to say that we had ice on a little bit of water that was up off the ground when we woke up one morning there. No frost yet, though, so I guess the air temperature was just barely down to freezing for a very short time.

Mrs said...

Cool weather? Heard of it. . .

I wonder if God will ever let me live in a place with autumn again?

(Just wondering, God. Really. Don't want to move again.)