Friday, September 21, 2007

The last few days

Picking tomatoes
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Originally uploaded by fylliska.

The last few days have been kind of busy. Tuesday we did have a wonderful day at our dacha! The weather was nice, and we brought in the tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, more beans, some beets, some carrots, and the last of the broccoli. Jaan and Raia were thrilled to be allowed to help. Usually we haven't let them just go wild with picking, because that's exactly what they do: pick wildly.

While we were there, we found out that my visa invitation letter had been refused again, though. So, very early Wednesday morning, instead of going back for another dacha day, Will headed off to Moscow to meet with the visa consultant we have worked with in the past. (More about that later.) Here in Kovrov, the children and I had a wonderful day, mostly outside around our apartment building. The weather was just incredibly beautiful! I had fun catching up with the neighbors, who I haven't seen much lately. We discovered that the only oak tree in our neighborhood is dropping acorns, so Jaan and Raia spent most of their time collecting and playing with them. I don't know that they had seen acorns before.

I was thrilled to have enough energy to keep up with the children all day. That night things went bad, though. Will couldn't get back from Moscow on his usual train, because of schedule changes and train wires being down somewhere. He ended up on a bus to Vladimir. I fell asleep right away here (that's a rare treat these days!), but after only an hour, Raia was up screaming. I finally figured out that her problem was one of those horrible, gross, but harmless childhood things. . . pinworms. All that dirt eating over the summer did have an effect after all. Will got to Vladimir too late to continue on to Kovrov by bus or train, but with me calling him several times, obviously upset and Raia screaming in the background, he took a taxi all the way from there. We were so glad to see him! He got everyone calmed down (Jaan was up, too, by then) and in bed by 2:00 or so.

Since then we've just been in survival mode: doing tons of laundry, resting, medicating. . . . Jaan has also come down with a terrible nighttime cough; he's happy and healthy during the day, but he "barks" all night long.

So, pray for sleep in this family! With pregnancy, worms, and coughing, poor Will seems to be the normal one in a group of insomniacs. And he's the one who handles all nighttime emergencies, so he's been up, too. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though. Everyone is starting to feel better already. Today is another lovely fall day, and I'm headed outside for some fresh air with the children.


Oregon Criss's said...

PHEW! What a CRAZY few days! Thrilled about your abundant produce and sweet little helpers :) Sorry about pinworms...will see what I can find on that...Serious craziness about Will and all the hasstle about the visa! Doesn't the government know that keeping you there benefits them? ;)
Love you Friend!!!

Mom said...

This brings memories of the way you and Leetra took great joy in harvesting from our garden--did snap peas ever make it all the way into the house? However I don't think we had the abundance you describe. We continue to be very thankful for your dacha....but so sorry about the difficulties you are experiencing in other areas. Much love!

Ellizabeth said...

Zhavta (eto kakoi-to russkii Den Blagodarenia??) Wow! I would LOVE to see you guys!!! How long does it take to get there/back? I'll ask Zoya what she things...
praying for sleep...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Boy! It sounds like you've had it lately!! Good thing Will is still "standing!" We will be praying that Jaan gets well, Raia gets over those pinworms (seems one of mine had that) and everyone gets sleep!! Still praying about the visa invitation and your health and well being in these final days of the pregnancy, too! Love to all! Julie/Baba Julie/Mom

Phyllis said...

Elizabeth, Жатва. . . I assume that's what you and Zoya were thinking about going to Viazniki for. Yes, it's the church holiday to thank God for the harvest.

It takes about 5 hours to get out here. There's an express train to Vladimir that leaves at 6:00 pm, then elektrichka from Vladimir. Could you come out that way tomorrow evening? (You'd have to get tickets now.) Or there are buses from Щелковская that come straight here, I just don't know when they leave. Then, getting back would be the question. Church will be a 2:00: a long, holiday service, followed by tea. You could probably just get on a bus afterwards, but that might get you back into Moscow pretty late. What do you think?

Mrs said...

Enjoying fall weather through you. We've had minor coolness here and lots of rain. Can't wait until the hum of the AC is silenced!

Praying for health, visas, and sleep. Got it.