Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Shkaf

The Shkaf
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This is The Shkaf, former property of our church matriarch, Olga Grigorevna, who left her apartment to the church. For an idea of scale, it's about 6 feet high and close to 5 feet across. Truly a God send for us.
Hmmm... reminds me of the time my friend Nathan and I were getting acquainted with a russian toddler. He looks at Nathan and says 'he's a ... windowpane!!', at which his mother asks, 'well then, what is Will?' 'Him? He's a Shkaf!!' No hesitation, even. That was about 3/4 through Bible School for me, and I'd been eating well and sitting a lot. What can you say? Toddlers are just so very perceptive!


Anonymous said...

Are you still a Schkaf, my son? All that walking, etc., in Russia should have you more "windowpane-ish", I would think! But, then there's Phyllis's good cooking!! (Loving all these blogs!) Love y'all! Mom/Julie/Baba

Ellizabeth said...

HA!! I totally enjoyed that story! :)

I just got moved into an apartment near Aeroport metro...and it came complete with several shkafs, and not a single trunk filled with clothes-from-the-landlord's-dead-parents! I am considering myself very blessed :)