Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy birthday to Jaan!

I'll just write about Jaan's birthday today. We can get to other things on another day.

Four years old!
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Compare with these photos.

Jaan turned four yesterday! We had a wonderful time celebrating. He had really been looking forward to his special day, and I think it fulfilled all his expectations. In the morning he got to open his special package. The joy of that was drawn out as long as possible. Because of a rainy day, he and Raia spent the rest of the morning playing indoors with the presents and making the box into art projects, which they also called presents. Then, his long-awaited guests, the Korneichuk family, arrived. We enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh garden vegetables, and lots of fellowship and wild play time with them.

Countdown calendar
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Opening package
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Thank you to the Hunsucker grandparents!

With guests
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The night before, while Jaan and Will were at church, Raia and I made a special dessert for the big day. Since we can't bake a cake at the dacha, we tried a rhubarb jello. Raia was my big helper every step of the way.

"Big leaf, Mama!"
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Raia had to pose with the biggest piece of rhubarb, after we came in from harvesting it in the rain. Go to our garden photos for another one of Raia with her leaf.

Kitchen helper
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She had her own knife (a butter knife!) to help with cutting up the rhubarb. I cut up all the other pieces, while she proudly hacked away at her one stalk.

(Our fast new internet connection is not feeling very fast. No complaints: at least it's a connection! But I'm having lots of trouble getting photos to post. I tried at various times during the night, and I'll keep trying today, so check back to see if I can get any more through.)

UPDATED: The connection is still dragging, but I got my photos up.


Mom said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAAN! We had been thinking of you all day, hoping that you had a grand celebration, and It sounds like you did. You seem to be growing very tall.

Raia, we are very glad to know that you are such a good helper for your Mama.

We love each of you....

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday, Jaan!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Jaan! So glad you had a great day. Caleb and Abigail say " Hi" to you and Raia.

Mrs said...

Happy Birthday, Jaan! Four years old and good as gold!

Raia, thank you for helping Mama. I'm sure she appreciates all the help she can get while waiting for the baby to come!

I enjoyed a short visit with Aunt Leetra today. I am even more convinced that Raia looks like her. :-)

Stephanie in AR said...

Happy Birthday Jaan!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for the birthday pictures! And, what a big helper Raia is! Baba Julie will soon be in a classroom with boys and girls a little older than Jaan and I plan to tell them all about you all!! Lots of love, Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just looked at that LEAF!! That stuff is HUGE!! I had no idea rhubarb looked like that!! Education for a city girl!! (: Love, Baba Julie

Ellizabeth said...

holy smokes...the Korneichuk kids are gigantic!! They've grown so much!