Friday, September 14, 2007

Rainy days

Singing in the rain
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I'm afraid readjusting to apartment life isn't going to be easy. Yesterday the natives were restless all day long. Still we had a good day. It just takes more energy to keep up with them here! I can't send them out by themselves to play and get dirty, like at the dacha.

In the morning, when we went out for a walk, the rain started just as we got to the door. So, we went back for umbrellas. Jaan and Raia ran around under the umbrellas, while I watched from the doorway and held the yellow leaves that they were collecting.

After naps, instead of going back outside like we usually would have (it was still raining), we did preschool-ish activities. Well, Raia and I did. Jaan mostly jumped up and down next to us. It's funny how much of a preschooler Raia is now. Certainly not a baby or toddler anymore! She is obsessed with writing her name. We can sit and fill up a whole page with me holding her hand and helping her to do that. I think she can count better than Jaan, although both of them are working on that now. And both of them can ask enough questions to make my head spin.

It's still raining here. . . .

(I can barely reach the keyboard now because the whole time I've been sitting here, Jaan and Raia have been "shopping for the baby." The go fill up bags with their toys, bring them to me, and present them one by one, explaining exactly what the baby will need them for as they do so. My lap and the desk are covered almost completely.)


Oregon Criss's said...

I can relate with you! Yesterday was our first regular Oregon day with overcast skies,a cool breeze and then showers off and'd think the boys would be 'old enough', but oh no! From the time I picked them up from school until BED TIME I heard all about how bored they were despite our suggestions. This is from 2 boys I had to PUSH out the door all summer. Now they want what they cannot have :) We offered to let them play outside all they wanted but despite their words, they stayed indoors. I HOWEVER LLLOOOVVEEE this time of year. The ushering in of Fall and the thrill of dropping leaves :) I'd stay outside all day if I could :) Aaahh...good times!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the picture of the children under the umbrella! We have FINALLY had rain here and it's SUCH a blessing!! Our rain deficit levels are in the double digits now! So, pray for rain for us!! Praying for you all!! Love, Julie/Baba/Mom

Anna said...

I was thinking that you couldn't reach the desk because of your belly, but your explanation was much cuter and very sweet.