Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still rainy

Maybe it's not actively raining here, but the weather has definitely stayed rainy. Yesterday we walked around in the nearby indoor market to burn off steam. Today Jaan and Raia kept busy with playdough and a long bath time. But the trees are changing colors! And the temperature is perfect!

I think Will is nesting. He got the baby clothes out this morning, and since then he's been cleaning, organizing, and moving things around all day. It sure is nice!

The preschooler
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"This is your letter, Raia."
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Mom said...

If only Baba could do so well with interpreting the Cyrillic alphabet chart as Jaan and Raia!

I know you will enjoy the fall colors.

Much love....

Anonymous said...

How sweet it is to see Jaan "instructing" Raia! And, the cool weather is certainly a blessing, isn't it? It's cooler here, too! It's supposed to be down to 50 tonight! We can hardly wait!! Love y'all! Baba Julie

Hopkins Home said...

Hey there,
Of course we remember you! I love seeing everyone on here and keeping up with news! Your children are beautiful! Keep me posted on all your news and i will try to do the same! you are in our thoughts and prayers-
love, Amber and family!