Thursday, September 27, 2007

Help from Jaan

We keep getting questions about how to pronounce our baby's name. Here's Jaan, telling you how to say "Baby Asya."

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(DropShots doesn't seem to be working right now. Dad helped out by posting this same video on his site. Click here to go see it. Thanks, Dad!)


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't work for me but I bet it's cute. We have DSL.

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

same here doesn't work for me either :( (strangely none of your videos do and we have DSL too)

Anonymous said...

Same here! Bernie tried to get it to work at the office, as well. Love y'all!! Julie

Shannon said...

Oops, maybe next time. How are Jaan and Raia adjusting to Baby Asya? (I love her name, by the way- so beautiful!!)
Love, hugs, and joy,

Sarah said...

Oh that was soooo adorable! What a proud, precious big brother!

Much thanks to your Dad for letting us in on the blessing of seeing Jaan with his newest little sister, "Baby Asya"

Mrs said...

Hooray! I was able to see the video! Thanks, Grandda!

I'm glad to know I was close to Jaan's pronunciation. :-)