Thursday, December 06, 2007

1000 gifts

953. Winter sunsets
954. Friends!
955. Chatting with Julie
956. Shannon's musings
957. Children enjoying books on their own
958. Quiet, candlelit December evenings
959. The way Raia bends all the way down to pick something up when her finger is in her mouth
960. A toy snake "just happened" to be here
961. Wild family fun, with Asya participating (as a very interested observer) for the first time
962. "Голиwаф"
963. I exist to reflect and display the glory of God
964. All creation exists to display God's glory (Can you guess whose sermon I just listened to? If not, I'm not telling, though. )
965. Church services online, in English and Russian
966. Skype
967. This list: an outlet for for creativity. Doesn't seeing, in the way that I want to learn to see, require some creative looking?
968. A good end to a day of struggles
969. Fellowship
970. Nikolai Egorovich's sweet gifts of pumpkin, beets, squash, pickles, candy for the children, and his deep concern for us
971. Figuring out PhotoShop: a little outlet for creativity
972. My quote (an Elisabeth Elliot quote, just for me)