Saturday, December 01, 2007


We started last night. To be very honest, I didn't really want to. Last December stands out as a beautiful month, and I've been looking forward to something like that again all year. However, right now everything is so uncertain and upsetting, and I know I can't have a perfect Advent. I knew if I just got going and did it for the children, I would be the one to benefit, though, and I'm already seeing that is true.

Last year we learned stories from the New Testament. This year we're doing more of the big picture--leading up to Jesus--with a Jesse tree, something like this.

Here's our first lesson in pictures. We. . .

Collected sticks
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Arranged them
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Read Isaiah 11:1-2
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Want to read with us? Click here.

Had tea
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Raia, too
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A gift for Jesus
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This was sweet. I asked what they would want to give to Jesus for His upcoming birthday. Jaan said, "Just a minute, I'll show you," and he ran off to get one of his treasures. I went on to explain that giving something to someone here, can be giving to Jesus. The idea of giving up the wrench seemed a little too hard for him, and we were only talking theoretically, so I stopped. However, this morning, right when he woke up, Jaan saw the wrench and said, "Papa, that's for a poor boy. I'm giving it to Jesus." I'm not quite sure where to go from there; it's not even our toy, but I was touched by Jaan's sweet heart.

All done!
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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I love Jaan with the wrench and Raia with the candle!! I started my decorating day before yesterday, so I'm getting into the Christmas season, as well. We will not decorate the Christmas tree until Abby gets home from Italy. So, that will happen on Christmas Eve! Love you all and PRAYING!! Baba Julie

Mom said...

Precious posting--thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Love and prayers....

Anonymous said...

Phyllis you are such a wonderful testimony of holding the household together, keeping Jesus the center, through life's storms. Praise the Lord you can keep looking to your Heavenly Father and move forward with what He has for you right there and make the best of each situation. I could feel the love of Christ just as you were sharing your time with your children. I am confident God is going to bless your faithfulness to Him no matter the outcome of the recent events! Eric and I are praying for you all.

Each picture of your children was adorable! Jaan's heart is precious. Raia looked so sweet making her Jesse tree ornament. Thank you for sharing the joy with us! =)

Sarah L.

Mrs said...

Pilgrims in Africa with Jenna, Jaan giving his wrench to Jesus, and Raia's sweet face in each photo . . . how full your days are! I'm so thankful you have this "recording" of events and have always wondered if there's a way to "preserve" a blog?

I am putting off sending books until I know where you are, and until YOU know where you are! I know it would thrill your parents to no end if I ended up presenting them in person with a plate of brownies.


Anonymous said...

That's a truly moving post. The pictures alone were great but the words with it....amazing. What sweet children you have. And what a great mom THEY have!

Laura T. :)