Thursday, August 21, 2008

Asya the Cute

"I think I can"

Asya's favorite "nyam" is tomatoes. Just before I took this picture, she was actually hanging there, trying to climb to the tomato salad I was making.


I finally got a photo that shows the hilarious, mismatched grin. She's getting her teeth just like Raia and Aunt Leetra did.


Rebecca said...

What a cutie!!

BTW, thank you for the prayers, I need them!


Mrs said...

And Glenna! Hers were the only ones to come in that way.

PS We have started our year-long Russia study this week! This week it's about the SIZE of the country, longitude, latitude, time zones, major cities.

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty!!! I wish she could be here and see and eat all of Grandaddy's tomatoes we're enjoying right now!! They seem to be later, but they are yummy just the same!! Love you all! Baba Julie

Stephanie in AR said...

So cute & what a head of hair!

Mom said...

Teeth and tomatoes....both reminiscent of Leetra! Of course she is adorably cute.

Love to each one....

Lindy said...

I agree with your mom about the tomatoes and Leetra. I immediately thought how much she'd love to be in my garden FULL of various types of tomatoes. I think tomato sandwiches are in order this weekend.
Love, Aunt Lindy

Anonymous said...

She has the most beautiful eyes.

Peter and family from Canada