Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I don't really even know why I'm sitting here writing. Remember I mentioned camp money? Want to see some of my handiwork? There will be a store tomorrow, for the last day of camp, and the kids will get to spend this:

Asya made me laugh today. I've been taking her to the kitchen at church for snacks. This morning she crawled out of the Bible lesson, saying "nyam, naym." I just followed her: "nyam, nyam," through the hall; "nyam, nyam, nyam," up the stairs; "nyam, nyam," down another hallway; "nyam, nyam," right to the kitchen!


Mom said...

What a sense of direction--Asya takes after her mother!

Prayers and love....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the camp money. No Pasha money, though? Tell Lena I said hello, please! Anna

Anonymous said...

I love the camp money, too!! Reminds me of some of the Awana bucks we used with the director, asst director and games director on it! Fun! And, Nyam! Nyam! Can you beat it??? She knows where to find her food!! Love y'all! Baba Julie

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Oh silly me.. When I read you were making camp money I interpreted 'earning camp money'. I was full of questions - like why did you have to pay? and what in the world were you doing to earn money - like you have any spare time? NOW I get it! Great money!

I love the nyam, nyam! I can just picture it... and you following her!


Anonymous said...

ok, so maybe I meant Sasha. =-)I met so many Sashas & Pashas this summer, I can't keep them all straight. =-)
By the way, in all of my decluttering around here this week, I found handwritten instructions on how to program the keyboard back to Russian. I was so proud of myself for keeping that!! I haven't fixed it yet, but I will soon, hopefully.