Thursday, August 21, 2008

Listing again

Just a few gifts from the past month:

759. The funny, mismatched grin that we have now
760. The birthday package that arrived right on time
761. Melons given to us by the bagfulls
762. Melon smoothies
763. A blender to make those smoothies
764. A whole week of daily fun and fellowship
765. A bright red dragonfly, that landed right in front of Asya and sat long enough for her to fall in love
764. Foretastes of fall: a cooler morning!
765. ...and a pot of pumpkin curry soup (made entirely from garden gifts: pumpkin, apples, carrots, onion, garlic, potatoes)
766. Clouds of butterflies on the ornamental garlic in the park
767. The yellow birds, singing their beautiful song outside our windows in the morning; I can hear them, but don’t see anything
768. “I love Jaan, because he lets me hold his hand.” (Raia)
769. Incredible fireball sunsets!
770. Misty evening beauty in a village
771. Sweet fellowship
772. A wonderful, long, full visit with friends
773. Jaan and Raia walking together, holding hands
774. Mint chocolate candy
775. “Mama, let’s stop and listen to the birds.” (Jaan)
776. A craft time with Raia that turned into hours of concentrated fun together
777. Working with my hands, while listening to a recording of my favorite teacher from Bible school
778. The toothless grin that will soon be different