Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful spider and cute words

We saw one of these beautiful spiders down at the beach yesterday. It was huge! You can't tell how big they are from the photo. When we found it, Jaan and Raia were fascinated. I told Jaan to "photograph" it with his mind, so that he would remember what it looks like. That took two tries, going back to look at it and be sure, but then he had it.

Fast forward to now: we went looking for "our spider" on the internet, to find out what he was. I came up with this picture right away. (Isn't it nice when a Google search goes perfectly? I still can't figure out my purple flower mystery.) Both Jaan and Raia responded, "That's not ours! He was on a wall!" I thought I clearly explained that I didn't mean our same, exact spider, just the same kind, but I guess it didn't sink in. Next comment from Jaan: "Oh, so he moved. Hey! How did you do that? The picture came from my mind! How did you get it through me and onto the computer?"


Laura :) said...

Yeesh! I can definitely tell how big that thing is. It gives me the shivers and makes me wanna get a shoe and take care of him.

Laura T. :)

Phyllis said...

Laura! Do you want me to give you the "spiders are our friends" lecture? I can be quite fierce about it!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Phyllis! They're scary looking, but they are definitely our friends! That looks like what I call a "garden spider". What's its real name?

And, enjoy this time when your kids still think you are "magic"!! Amazing how you can "download" that picture from his mind to your computer!! Love y'all!! Baba Julie

Laura :) said...

You sound like my mom!!! :) As long as it's not in my house, it's safe. But if it comes in, it's a long as I can find a shoe!! LOL!

Laura T. :)

Mom said...

As his Grandda says, "Now that's one smart kid" We both greatly enjoy these glimpses into the workings of his active and thoughtful mind.

And do you know that I still carry spiders that we must remove from the house to the outdoors in lieu of killing them? Your influence remains.

You bring us great delight!

Mamasphere said...

Okay, but is it poisonous! Because spiders can jump at you and lay down some nasty bites while you fling yourself around in circles trying to get it off. Just sayin'.

Phyllis said...

Poisonous? From Wikipedia:
”Like almost all other spiders, Argiope are harmless to humans.... They might bite if grabbed, but other than for defense they have no interest in biting humans. Their venom is not regarded as a serious medical problem for humans, although they often contain a library of polyamine toxins with potential as therapeutic medicinal agents.”

(Click on the photo for a link to the article about our particular Wasp spider. I'm quoting from the general article about this genus.)

Bye for now. I'm headed out of town for a few days. No spider bashing while I'm gone!

Alissa Maxwell said...

That has to be one of the best Kid Quotes I've heard in a while. Just lovely to hear their little minds working.

matt icardi said...

hey Phyllis, it's been so long! What have you all been up to? That's a great story about the kids and the spider:) Hope you're doing well!
p.s. I'm a senior now, it's crazy!

Dawn Dresser said...

What a fun story! You will be so glad later in life that you have recorded such times with your children. Otherwise, the memories fade so quickly.

keri said...

"How did you do that?"...funny!
Kids are so funny!
I like spiders, as long as they are

timbuck2mom said...

You found this on the beach? Very interesting. Does it swim?

What a funny comment your little boy made. :)

jamie in rose cottage said...

I love the things kids say. Thanks for sharing!

Melissal89 said...

I must admit spiders make me shiver! But I totally respect their purpose. Very cute story! Thanks for sharing.

Blessings, Melissa