Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent and more

Twenty-first night: Someday we will see clearly

Trying to make a clear mirror

Asya works with her foil

Twentieth night: "Unless a corn of wheat. . ."


And more:

Angel, shepherd and. . . ?
Raia made this lovely monochromatic masterpiece yesterday.  See the shepherd, standing with his arms outstretched?  And the angel flying by?  And the flock of. . . koloboks!

And it's snowing!  Finally, something more than just the lightest powder.  There were even some snowflakes this morning.  Up until now, even when there has been a bit of white stuff, it's so fine that you can hardly see it, and it definitely hasn't been flakes.  If Christmas were today, I'm still not sure that we could say that it was a white Christmas, but at least a whiter one.  And we still have a few days for it to accumulate.  I hope!

This morning Will and Jaan went out to our dacha to see about getting the electricity hooked up.  (Raia and Asya and I stayed home and made gingerbread men.)  They found the electrician, but he didn't want to work today.  He'll come on Wednesday, though.  Here are some photos from their trek:

See the green, peeping through the white?

On the way back from the dacha

The church in the snow


Mrs said...

Even more wonderful than Raia's drawing is your ability to interpret them! I'm sure she told you everything, but I wish I could have seen my children's drawings through your artist's eyes.

Thoroughly enjoying your Advent posts!

Mom said...

Let it snow!

Much love...

Anna said...

I made gingerbread men today, as well! I had a lovely time making a huge mess with my two girls. We made sugar cookie and gingerbread dough and then cut out all kinds of shapes and decorated them. I think Marin ate more than she decorated, but she had a good time, so that's what counts. I hadn't made any Christmas cookies in forever and was determined to do so this year, so I also had fun. I made a lot more than the girls. =-)

Baba Julie said...

The snow pictures are LOVELY!! They are like a Currier and Ives. I also LOVE the pictures of the children. I know you probably can't see it, but I know my mother wouldn't believe how much Asya looks like pictures of me at that age! It makes me sad that she never got to meet any of them.... Love y'all! Baba Julie