Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Eighth night: Fishers of Men

(Thank you Baba Julie for the fish and all the other things you sent!)

For the first time I gave the nativity scene figure to Asya, instead of Jaan or Raia, as I read the Advent Story. She took her job of placing it very seriously. In fact, she would have been happy to keep placing and replacing it all evening. We had to drag her away to move on. She was so cute about it!


Mom said...

Do you remember how Leetra did the same thing with one of the Christmas tree ornaments when she was about Asya's age?

Thank you for making us part of your Advent via pictures and words.

Much love....

Baba Julie said...

It is such a joy to be able to take part in your advent celebration in my small way! What a thrill to be able to see "our babies" learning about the Lord's coming!! Love you all! Baba Julie