Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts of Christmas

The greatest Gift of all is Jesus. This year for His birthday God gave me so many other extra gifts, too!

688. Secret, late night walk to the grocery store on Christmas Eve
689. Children's joy in celebrating Jesus
690. SNOW!
691. Snow glittering
692. Snow falling in big flakes
693. Snow crunching underfoot
694. Snow on pines
695. Snow angels
696. Snow babies
697. SNOW!
698. Water (There was a note up, saying that the water service had run out of money again, so the water would be going off on the morning of December 25. It's still on!)
699. The fragrance and colors of the spices for Caribbean chicken
700, Laughter
701. Family fun outside
702. Coming in for tea
703. Tired children, sleeping long and peacefully
704. Quiet home, soft music, dim lights
705. The happy din when they wake up!
706. Neighbor dropping by with present of fruit. He just meant to say he was sorry and wish us an early happy New Year, but he accidentally landed on Christmas.
707. Tea at church!
708. Walking home after church in the snow, with friends

I haven't been posting my list lately. There's a whole lot to catch up with! I just wanted to capture some of the delights of one beautiful day right now, though.