Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Jaan and Raia have been working on two different poems to recite at church on Christmas.  Last night I tried to catch one of our practices on video.  After about 20 clips of pouting, Asya making noise, someone taking the microphone apart, and more, I finally got this one.  At least you can see most of Raia's part.  (I missed the first line.)  Jaan couldn't say his half, because the microphone wasn't properly plugged into his helmet.

Я еще не умею читать,
И немного умею считать,
Но я знаю, что праздник настал -
День рождения Иисуса Христа.

И я слышал о том, что Христос
Людям счастье и радость принес.
Хорошо, что ко всем Он пришел,
И что есть Рождество - хорошо!
From here.

I still can't read
And I can only count a little,
But I know that a holiday has come -
The birthday of Jesus Christ.

And I've heard that Christ
Brought happiness and joy to people.
It's good that He came to everyone,
and that there is Christmas - it's good!


Anna said...

So cute. =-) I couldn't figure out what you meant about the helmet(before watching), but when I saw him trying to wrap the strap around the microphone, had to laugh. I'm sure it was frustrating to you, but it was funny to watch. =-)

Anna said...

You're the best!! Unless you went in and retyped all of the poems, it automatically switched them. Thanks!!!

Mom said...

Still smiling at the video clip. Thanks!


Baba Julie said...

Well, it looks very cute, but for some reason, we can't hear it!! Who knows??? Everything is on, as far as we can see! We heard Skype fine today and we hear whatever music we play, so who knows? Black magic, I say!! Anyway, maybe it will heal itself and we'll hear it eventually!! Love y'all and enjoyed talking with y'all today very much!! Love, Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I like it how they can't pronounce 'R', just like all Russian kids. :)

Martha A. said...

I am jealous of your great Russian accent....I wish I could speak Russian like that!