Monday, December 08, 2008

Back to Advent

Ready for a bunch of photos?  Here we go!

Seventh night: Happy Are. . . (The Beatitudes)

Smiley stickers!

Seriously sticking stickers

"More stickers, please."

Happy faces

Sixth night: Jesus Heals a Deaf Man

Ring those bells!

Fifth night: Jesus Feeds 5000

Asya learning to share
(She did not want to!)

Happy with her fish

Fourth night: Jesus Calms a Storm

Boats come to the stable

Snowflakes have been the latest craze around here. Making the boats really got us going with paper and scissors.

The aftermath

(What do you think of the snow? None falling here, so I thought I'd at least put some on our blog.)


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics, and especially the last one!

much love,


Mom said...

The cutters on the couch (with Asya right there in the middle) makes me smile.

Thank you for all the photos.

We love each of you.

Mrs said...

What is Jaan saying to his sisters in the video? It sounds like he's correcting the singing.

The pictures and video are all so wonderful! Even more beautiful is the careful study of Advent.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Love the smiling faces! Love the falling snow. Is it hard to do?

Anna said...

I LOVE the last photo and the video was hilarious. I love how he gives a demonstration of what volume she should sing and she just ignores him. =-)

Baba Julie said...

That's it, Raia! Sing with GUSTO!! Love, Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

I love the part ...ты слишком громко... That's just too cute! Is Russian their pretty much spoken language?


Phyllis said...

Yes, Mrs, Jaan was definitely correcting Raia. That's his mission in life. Sigh. It was pretty funny, though. I took four video clips. The first was, "No, Mama! We're not ready!" Second: the one I posted. Third: something about Raia wasn't playing her bells right. Fourth: "Raia! Sing like this!" Raia was singing away through all of it.

Alissa, you're not supposed to ask that. You'll give away my secrets. :-) Yes, it’s very simple.

Yes, Leana, they mostly speak Russian. :-)

Cecil said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. What a charming family you are. Yeah, the snow was a nice touch. Wonder how you did it. Thanks to Will for his recent newsletter. Need to hear more from him. Your generosity in inviting us into your home for your advent celebration and home life is a blessing. I'm sure I speak for all of us.

Much love, Cecil

Abby said...

this is precious!
the picture of you with the kids is beauuuutiful... YOU are beautiful! thank you for putting this up so we can have a part in your lives even from far away!
Lots of love, Abby