Monday, August 03, 2009

Camp photos

I hope you're ready for LOTS of photos!  Some of these photos are ours, some are Yana's, some are from others.

(They were searching for parts of a Bible verse. That's why Raia is down on the floor.)

Asya's "craft" that she made one day. She was so proud to be working with the big kids!

Raia helping Papa with music

With Oksana

Lena and Yana, the camp coordinators (who did a wonderful job!)

Asya adding to the question box

Raia getting an award for being the calmest/quietest in the group

. . . and showing it off

Jaan got an award for being the most artistic in his group, but then he also won a prize for being the "best crafter" in the whole camp!

Exhausted after the last day


Mom said...

Between these pictures and the set on Facebook, I have enjoyed the extended record of camp. Certainly the increased Sunday school attendance and the smiles on the faces of the children attest to the outreach of the day camp.

Loving each of you....

Baba Julie said...

Great pictures, Phyllis!! You look exhausted yourself AND as young as the campers!! Are you getting younger? Please, give me the secret!! (: Praising the Lord for what looks to have been a fun and successful camp!! Love y'all!

Abby said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. It is a small glimpse of your life and reminder to pray and be grateful that God has placed you there and given you hearts of love and joy! You encourage me. :)