Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a very few out of a multitude

holy experience

These are just a few gifts that I noticed when I stopped to write one day last week at our dacha. Just a few from one day: imagine how many more they represent!

566. Children coloring sweetly together outside

567. Jaan's picture: "It's a balloon with hook-hands to hold buckets. He fills his buckets and floats up to drip water on the plants. Then he comes back down to refill and do it again."

568. Asya wanting to lie down on my lap
569. Tomatoes!

570. Tomatoes for dessert
571. Finding goldenrod on a cooler morning and talking about the coming autumn
572. Studying wildflowers with Jaan

573. Raia up on the roof in her yellow boots
574. Swallowtail eggs! Two different kinds!


Martha A. said...

Those tomatoes look really yummy! You ate them for dessert? = )
I was wondering, one of my friends here (Russian) was saying they were talking to someone from Ukraine and they were saying that while they are not badly off that they do not have plentiful food like we do here and giving a child a candy is more rare and a special treat. I was wondering how true you found that!

deb said...

My youngest daughter and I enjoyed our first tomato yesterday, but the other ones seem to have been nibbled by slugs.
I love that you are sharing the outdoors... soon it will be cooler and time to be inside.

Maria said...

When I was a kid, our neighbor with an extensive garden would bring bushel bags of tomatoes over... I would eat tomato + mayo sandwiches for a treat :)
love the flavor of garden freshness!!!
all the best, Maria

Dianne said...

I love the goldenrod and coming Autumn one--thank you for sharing!

Baba Julie said...

Last night I sliced tomatoes and put blueberries and a couple of walnuts on them and drizzled them with honey Abby said, "Disgusting"!! I thought about your "dessert" comment and decided I thought "DELICIOUS"!!

Anonymous said...

I see the sun is shining in the Ukraine too! Silly me imagines it as always under snow.

The simplest things sometimes hold the deepest joy, when we take time to notice them. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us.