Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chance meeting?

As we left church today, Will was carrying his guitar, and a slightly tipsy man came up to him asking to sing.  Will talked to him for a few minutes, but said that he couldn't play accompaniment for him right that moment, since he needed to get his children home.  Then Will said that he'd be back in the evening, and they could sing then.  Really, most encounters like that would end there.  But this Sasha did come back!  It turned out to be a really good thing, too.  Petya, one of the leaders of the church, is an old friend of his.  They hadn't seen each other for years, though.  Petya and Will spent time talking to Sasha.  It was particularly good that Petya was there, not only because they know each other, but because Petya has a pretty rough background himself.  He knows what it means to have a drinking problem.  Apparently Sasha's wife left him, and he's been drinking for three weeks now.  He wants to stop, but feels like he can't.  Please pray for him!

(This is just an odd language note.  Don't let it distract you from praying.  Petya is Sasha's кум.  Does that mean Sasha is Yana's--Petya's daughter's--godfather?  Or Petya is Sasha's child's godfather?  Or it could be either?)

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