Monday, August 03, 2009

Joy soaring

holy experience

Ann's post from last week made me think of one of my favorite poems. And so, that's one thing that I'm thankful for:

575. This poem:
Wilt Love Me? Trust Me? Praise Me?
By Amy Carmichael

O thou beloved child of My desire,
Whether I lead thee through green valleys,
By still waters,
Or through fire,
Or lay thee down in silence under snow,
Through any weather, and whatever
Cloud may gather,
Wind may blow—
Wilt love Me? trust Me? praise Me?

No gallant bird, O dearest Lord, am I,
That anywhere, in any weather,
Rising singeth;
Low I lie.
And yet I cannot fear, for I shall soar;
Thy love shall wing me, blessed Saviour.
So I answer:
I adore;
I love Thee, trust Thee, praise Thee.
His love wings me, and so I love, trust, praise and THANK Him!