Monday, August 17, 2009

Gifts from God

holy experience

Jaan has started learning a poem for the upcoming harvest holiday. (It will be early for us this year.) His poem is called "Gifts from God," and it starts out
От Бога подарки,
Мы приняли вновь. . .
Gifts from God,
We have received once again. . . .
One morning last week, we were talking about it, and Jaan and Raia started listing off gifts. I especially loved hearing Asya try to echo them! Here are a few that they said:
554. Sun (Asya: "со-це")
555. Dacha
556. The clock (Why, Raia? "Because it's new and pretty!")
557. Kasha
558. Kefir
559. Birds
560. Butterflies
561. Caterpillars
562. Wind
563. Apples
564. Hot dogs
565. Campfires (Asya: "'тёр")

(Edited to add: I didn't read Ann's post until after I'd written this. We share a theme today.  Isn't seeing our children learning gratitude one of the best gifts? )


deb said...

It is difficult , sometimes, in our affluent area, but so so important, and such a testament to a beautiful heart.

Linda said...

It absolutely is. How precious to nourish those grateful little hearts.

Mom said...

And speaking of children and gifts, how very thankful we are for you, particularly as this is the day to remember your entrance into our world. Happy Birthday!

Much love,

Baba Julie said...

Very sweet comment from your mom! We are grateful for your entrance into our family!!! Love you!